Cloud Security

Detect and Neutralize Threats Across Your Cloud Infrastructure and Applications

Most businesses are moving information to the cloud for cost efficiency, increased flexibility, and improved accessibility. However, using cloud services may intensify risk and make your corporate data more vulnerable to threat actors.

Real-time monitoring is critical to rapidly detect and neutralize security threats across your cloud infrastructure, distributed IT environment, and cloud applications.

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Secure Your Data in the Cloud

Your cloud infrastructure and applications are just as vulnerable as you on-premises solutions, protect them with centralized security analytics. LogRhythm’s real-time cloud security monitoring enables the advanced security analytics required to properly protect your data.

The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform provides:

  • Enhanced visibility into cloud authentication and access activity
  • Access control management to cloud services
  • Automatic alerts based on suspicious cloud usage
  • Pre-built reports highlighting access, usage, and modifications

LogRhythm offers several ways to set up monitoring, depending on your architecture and needs.

LogRhythm Monitoring Options

Simplifique o monitoramento da nuvem em tempo real

Gain comprehensive visibility into your cloud-based services from a single pane of glass. With LogRhythm, you’ll continuously collect, normalize, and analyze rich SaaS forensic data from your cloud deployments and your broader, distributed IT environment.

Additional benefits of using LogRhythm for cloud security:

Proteja seu ambiente AWS

Com a LogRhythm, é fácil obter segurança de nuvem em seu ambiente de Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In a seamless integration, your AWS data ingested into LogRhythm and combined with your other data. LogRhythm then correlates and analyzes the entire data set using machine analytics to detect anomalies, corroborate potential threats, and baseline normal behavior patterns.

Essa análise permite que você monitore seus serviços AWS e seja alertado de atividades suspeitas, mantendo seus dados e recursos em segurança.

What’s Collected

  • Config. AWS: Alteração de configuração, alocação de recursos
  • AWS CloudTrail: Log em nível de auditoria das atividades AWS
  • Amazon CloudWatch: Monitore recursos e aplicativos AWS (métricas e alarmes)
  • Acesso ao servidor AWS S3: Acesso a arquivos, remoção de arquivos, alterações

LogRhythm para Monitoramento do Azure

Easily collect Microsoft Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) logs via the Azure Log Integration (AzLog). Azure provides a wide variety of events including control/management logs, automatically auditing when any Azure resource is created, updated, or deleted.

Using the same integration used to collect Azure IaaS logs, you can also gain insight into your Azure PaaS environment. This integration provides a wide array of data for deeper visibility into your cloud environment.

Os logs de eventos do Azure VMs são tratados como fontes de log de eventos da Microsoft no local, analisando campos como o ID do evento e o host. Isso permite a correlação e a análise entre as infraestruturas no local e na nuvem em ambientes híbridos.

Increasing SIEM Visibility with Microsoft’s Azure Log Integration

To learn how to enhance your security operations by integrating Microsoft’s Azure Logs with LogRhythm, watch our on-demand webinar.

Monitoramento de nuvem adicional

Other IaaS and platform as a service (PaaS) solutions—such as SoftLayer, Terremark, and Rackspace—can be monitored through LogRhythm System Monitor Agents (SMA).

Cloud Security Use Cases

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Watch how LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform drastically reduces mean time to detect and respond to advanced cyberthreats.